Every country singer and artists have the dream of recording in Nashville and walking out with a song engineered by the best.  Music Valley Recording Studios has the slogan “Where Dreams Come True” because they give attention to every artist individual, making their dream come true of recording in Nashville.

     There are hundreds of recording studios in Nashville but, not all of them have the same history as Music Valley Recording Studios, on Music Valley Drive.  Originally Gene Breeden studios, this studio has the expertise of Barry Wayne behind the board and managing the studio.  Barry has been with this studio for 24 years, and he has worked with some of the greats, such as Ronnie McDowell, Marty Haggard, Tommy Cash, Charlie Daniels, Stonewall Jackson, Daryl Singletary, Kenny Vaughn, and more.  Each artist who comes into the studio is given individual attention and the recordings they do reflect who they are. 

LaDonna Brewer-Capps also works for Music Valley Recording Studios with a vast background in country music.  LaDonna has written songs for several top artists as well as produced four albums of her own. She has been in the music industry for many years and has her own company, Summer Sky Music Group, which works with artists to promote their music and help them create everything they need to further their music careers.  LaDonna works with Barry extensively with the production and bookings for the studio.

     Music Valley Recording Studios use some of the top studio musicians in the Nashville area for their studio sessions.  Each artist may have different studio musicians from another artist because Barry pulls in studio musicians who compliment the artist’s music.  All artists are not the same, and Barry recognizes that, creating the best package for the artist wanting their music recorded.  Music Valley Recording Studios also has access to originals for the artist who is not a songwriter and wants to record an original, rather than a cover song.  There are also various artists from Nashville Music Valley Recording Studio uses for the background vocals.  Music Valley Recording Studio is a full-service studio.

   “It is all about the artists coming in to record,” Barry Wayne stated.  “The most important thing is giving the artist the very best product we can produce.”

Gene Breeden Studios History

     Gene Breeden had a dream, and he worked hard to make the dream a reality.  Gene is a musician, producer and song publisher.  Breeden has been in the music industry for almost 50 years and has spent almost 40 of those years working on Music Row in Nashville.  A very talented man, Gene decided to put together a studio, which he named the Gene Breeden Studios.  It was a full-service music studio, and he employed the best people.  Barry Wayne was brought on as the studio manager over 24 years ago, and both Barry and Gene dedicated themselves to giving the artists the best song production possible, as well as some of the best musicians in the business.


     From the time the doors opened Gene had artists from all over the country coming into his studios to record their music or to help another artist with vocal accompaniments.  Gene’s studio has seen greats such as Marty Stuart, George Jones, Garth Brooks, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Crystal Gayle, Jeannie Seely, Tommy Overstreet, Marty Haggard and more grace the studio.  That same tradition has been passed down as Barry Wayne still works the soundboard and produces songs at Music Valley Recording Studios.  Gene’s legacy still lives on within the walls, and each artist is treated like family when they walk through the doors.

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